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Taking Care of a Two Week Old Human

I’m not planning on turning this website into a tribute to my new daughter, like many new parents may be tempted to do, so no worries. I try to keep topics around here more general and as interesting to Louisvillians, designers and developers as I

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Introducing the world’s first trillionaire/astronaut/Indy car driver/Grand Slam tennis champion/Chess Grand Master, and girl scout.

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Fatherhood is Imminent

Well, here we are at the end of the pregnancy. Casey’s due any day now. Cecelia was scheduled to debut on July 13th, next Monday, but I think she’ll be here earlier. So does the doctor. Casey’s praying for relief. My stepdaughter Megan gets back

the future!

Getting Started With 3D Printing

If you aren’t familiar with 3D printing or think it’s a complex pursuit, think again. The future’s here and you can get started making things easily, and free today. Here’s how.