Websites are Castles Made of Sand

And just like Jimi Hendrix sings, all websites will be swept into the sea, like you and me. The data, of course as we’re finding out with the recent PRISM scandal and associated spin-off problems facing DC speech-writers and PR folk, lives forever. A lucrative career for an English major, among a microscopic few, is being able to craft the careful, professional kind of rhetoric politicians demand these days. One of my personal favorites when under the gun with tight questioning is “Let me answer that by asking you this…” Hah! Tables are now turned.

But the reason for this blog post is that I once again have redesigned my web design business website, for web design POP. I went through a LOT of trouble to set up that last design, which was a 1 page scrolling parallax job with a lot of graphics, sliders, pages and awkward orchestration. Turned out I hated it, even when I considered it “complete” and I imagine my visitors did as well. It was SO busy it made my head spin. So I went in the other direction.

I built a theme I call Althea which is minimal, and uses quite a bit of flat UI colors, but is red white and blue at it’s heart. Fourth of July approaching and all. But it’s far more name, rank and serial number. Here’s what I do, what I can do for you, some examples of what I’ve done (the next item for improvement on the site) and how to reach me. No cliche’ sales pitches, no overplayed sliders (which I still use elsewhere to my shame) or parallax(yawn) or overwrought marketing photography. I’ll be interested to see it’s reception via analytics.

I got rid of my weak attempts at presenting my photography, since I’m not a professional, and that’s not what web design POP does. Composition and editing: yes. Clicking the shutter: not usually. However I really enjoy photography so I’ll just keep showing it off on my photography website. And yes, while I do a lot of graphic design, it’s not enough of a core competency to highlight it on the company’s website. I have plenty of outlets for my obsession with Adobe products and creating with them. I happen to be the founder and moderator of a rapidly-growing Google community based around Adobe Illustrator, in fact.

One knack you have to have when it comes to building websites is to be able to embrace constant change and have a drive to seek constant improvement. That’s what I also love about open-source development. It’s to that end that a website is never done, which you just have to accept. That’s good news for us web-workers, at least for the good ones, because it means repeat business. Once the tide of progress laps at your website’s walls long enough, it’s time to call me to build bigger, better and stronger walls, knowing those too are impermanent.

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