Best Player Plugin for Elementor Website

Either you have a lot of audio content to present on a website or just a single composition to add, you can always rely on an audio plugin. There are tons of them on different marketplaces, and they come with tons of extra features. 

Some audio players offer bulk uploads, some give amazing customization options. There’s always an opportunity to create a free player in HTML and CSS yourself, but it will take a really long time, and there’s a 90 percent chance that the player won’t look and work the way you wish. Finally, creating a player plugin requires great programming skills, which is not about people who learnt to be musicians.

What Audio Player to choose for Elementor

Choosing a ready-made plugin for a website, keep in mind that most of them are created for the sole website builder or CMS and don’t work properly on other platforms. In case you would like to find a one-size-fits-all solution, you should use a cross-platform plugin. Such a player will work on WordPress, as well as on Elementor, Shopify, Blogger, and so on. If you would like to switch from one platform to another, this transition will be painless, and you’ll take your favourite Audio plugin to any platform.

With specific reference to Elementor, I’d rather recommend the Elfsight Audio Player plugin. It offers sleek design combined with a huge variety of advanced features. What is more, it enables anyone to create a player of any functionality and design, as it’s totally beginner-friendly. Just look at the coolest features of a free Audio Player:

  • All the most popular audio formats supported: mp3, mp4, ogv, webm, HLS (m3u8), DASH (mpd)
  • Music can be added to player by URL from the hottest platforms: SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vista, Amazon, Google Drive
  • Gorgeous ready-made templates which you can employ as is
  • All the features of a common player, including autoplay, player info, player controls, shuffle and repeat compositions options
  • Floating and Embed layouts for you to have complete creative freedom
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Option to set up a background image and its overlay

There are even more features, and you can give the plugin a try right on this page. Prepare to be wowed by its no-code components which can be put into play onto your website immediately.

Not sure whether to have a Music Player on a WordPress website or not? Here’s a good portion of inspo just for you. 

11 great ideas for Audio Player

Player plugin is a great fit not only for fancy rock musicians, but also for teachers, bloggers, scientists, writers, and even business owners. Wishing to see how to present an audio player plugin on your website? Wait no more and explore all the most stylish players below.

Meditation and ambience

This one should become your favourite if your aim is to apply music as decoration and communicate a peaceful emotional state. With its soothing and mild colors, the player is capable of attracting crowds of listeners and can fit easily on any part of your website.

Meditation and ambience player plugin for Elementor


Place the book cover at the top of the player, chapters – below, and put all the essential controls in the center of it. Every listener of a long and exciting audio book needs to have an opportunity to shuffle or repeat chapters, change loudness, and rewind the soundtracks, and you’ll provide them with this opportunity within minutes.

Audiobook player plugin for Elementor

Nature sounds

Whether you are a blogger writing about nature, a teacher, or a scientist, a free audio plugin with a playlist with ambient sounds couldn’t be more relevant. Green trees in the background and white accent color of the player in addition to birdsongs will transfer users to the beautiful forest and harmonize them with the WordPress website aesthetic.

Nature sounds player plugin for Elementor

Single track

To place emphasis on one single audio file, you can use this variant of a player. This plugin will surely reinforce your amazing creative work and evoke a needed emotional state. Such an implementation of the player will make your single a pivotal element of a web page.

Single track player plugin for Elementor

Comedy show

Add audio recordings of your own or any other jokes and provide them with funny images as album covers. This audio player in an amusing style will communicate your playful mood and cheer up your users.

Comedy show player plugin for Elementor

Business case

Tell about your products and services, or speak about the latest updates, inscript a professional recording and place it on a website in the form of a subtle player. It will work as an amazing advertisement, and you’ll definitely increase trust in your brand.

Business player plugin for Elementor

Black player

Black always looks stylish and elegant. With this exquisite player you’ll make enjoying music even more joyful and ecstatic. It is customized to suit your brand’s personality if your brand is sophisticated and refined. It is also good for your website’s dark theme, as it expresses a wider range of depth.

Black design for Elementor player

New album

Good choice for those who want to display many tracks in a row. You can expect the creation of this professional and stylish player to take barely no time and effort. You’ll create it in a visual configurator by just switching on and off the controls, and uploading visual and music files.

New album player plugin for Elementor

Audio lessons

Player is a perfect fit for teachers having their own websites. You can record a lesson in mp3 and distribute it within a web page. People will be able to not only see visuals, but also hear your explanations of difficult topics.

Audio lessons player Elementor

Mini music player

Choose a minimalistic concept to shift the focus to the most important part of your content – the sound. It creates emotions while communicating your brand or personality, and when you concentrate on music in a player, you don’t need many visuals. Just choose the most essential controls, background photo and accent color, add an mp3 file. That’s it! Your free plugin is up and running.

Mini Music Player plugin for Elementor

Music playlist player

With this template, you can combine audio files into a floating playlist on the right of your web page. Make your player bright and colorful yet classy. This one is made to make your music the center of attention. 

Music playlist player plugin for Elementor

Pretty sure you’ve found your solution and got a good portion of inspiration. Let’s now turn to free player installation to Elementor. When using Elfsight Player widget, you can be certain that the process will take mere seconds and will never require any programming skills.

How to add a Player to Elementor

When using a player plugin, you’ll be able to add it to the website in several easy ways. In short, you can embed a player by simply copying and pasting the plugin’s installation code to the backend of your site, to the admin panel of your site, and, finally, you can do it with the help of GTM. Let’s take a closer look at all these methods, and you’ll become absolutely sure that the player plugin is an excellent fit for you.

How to add a floating online player to Elementor website

If you wish to add a player to all the pages of your website built on Elementor, you are free to do it within the backend of your website template. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. After creating the player in Elfsight Apps, log into the WordPress admin panel
  2. Go to the Elementor section and choose “Custom Code”
  3. Click “Add New Custom Code”
  4. Add a title to your widget and choose “Head” as the location
  5. Paste the installation code to the required field
  6. Save the changes

Note: Custom Code feature is available on Elementor Pro only.

How to embed the player on a single page on Elementor

Now, let’s find out how to embed the player on all pages, on one page, or on selected ones using the Elementor admin panel. This method is always available, and you’ll be able to do it in a familiar admin pane.

  1. Create a player in Elfsight Apps, log into WordPress admin panel
  2. Go to the ‘Pages’ section in the left-hand menu and choose the required page
  3. Find the ‘Edit with Elementor’ option
  4. Drag and drop the ‘HTML’ element to the needed page area
  5. Paste the installation code to the ‘HTML Code’ field
  6. Save the changes by pressing ‘Update’

Wishing to install the widget on other pages? You can repeat all these actions for each page one by one and embed the widget exactly where you need it.

How to add audio player with the help of GTM

GTM (or Google Tag Manager) is an instrument allowing website owners to add custom code to any platform, even if there’s no opportunity to add custom code there. Speaking about Elementor, you can add the player by employing two previous methods, or by using GTM. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log into your Google Tag Manager account (or create one)
  2. Generate a new HTML tag by selecting ‘Custom HTML’
  3. Paste the first line of the installation code to the created tag
  4. Add a trigger and the tag to the web page where you want to place the widget
  5. Save your tag
  6. Publish the changes
  7. That’s it! Your player will be live on Elementor as soon as this

By the way, if you come across any difficulties with Elfsight audio widget’s installation, you can contact Elfsight’s custom support team. They are always happy to help with widget’s creation and installation.


If you have a music-related website, you can find many thousands of audio players on the Internet. However, there’s only one widget which is an undeniable favourite, and it’s Elfsight Player. Exceptional features and easy installation are what makes this widget special. Also, ready-made templates look amazing on all websites, and if you wish to customize the appearance of the playlist you can do it with ease in their free online configurator. 

Anyway, don’t hesitate to give this player a try – and your website will get one more amazing enhancement!