Best Audio Player for Facebook Tabs

Currently Facebook platform doesn’t have any integrated feature for uploading playlists and listening to music and other mp3 records. It causes the users to search for other ways to embed audio files to the world’s most popular social network. On the web there you can find a lot of tutorials on how to bypass these limitations. They offer to convert an audio file to video format, post it as a link to hosting service, and share from SoundCloud or Spotify. But if you would like users to listen to the tracks you post right on the social media network, then you have the option of inserting a third-party player plugin to your page.

Choosing Music Player Plugin

There are many solutions available at the software market today and making a decision can become a challenging task. What to consider when choosing a music player for Facebook Page? Here are some points to look for:

  1. Service usability – Any additional steps you need to take before accessing a demo of a product (signing up, submitting an application, requesting a demo) can take up a lot of time and effort. It’s better to find a service that gives an opportunity to see the plugin in action without any additional steps required.
  2. Adaptation degree – Make sure you can easily form a music player that will match your business or creative tasks, and styling requirements.
  3. Affordable pricing – Try finding a plugin to correspond to your budget. It’s a good idea to know the profits you gain from your social media presence.

After thorough market research, I found an optimal solution that meets the requirements mentioned above. With this Elfsight plugin it’s super easy to create an audio player and integrate it to your Profile at Facebook website free of charge. You can check the online demo here.

Its functionality includes:

  • The most widely used audio formats supported: mp3, mp4, ogv, webm, HLS (m3u8), DASH (mpd). 
  • Access to the online Demo is provided right on the homepage – no need to register.
  • Intuitive editor – no special skills required to build a unique feature and anyone can do it.
  • Switchable elements – remove or add any player parts to make it look minimalistic or make use of the maximum functionality available with playlists and so on.
  • Floating or embed layout.
  • One-click installation – just paste the plugin’s code in your Custom tab.
  • Flexible positioning – place it anywhere on your page.
  • Make it correspond to the original colors of the platform or customize its appearance the way you like. 
  • Flexible and reasonable tariffs.
  • Everything can be done without stress and in a couple of minutes. 

If you decide to test the plugin, remember that you can install it for free and won’t have to pay anything for that. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try the player on your Page, see how it works, and then make a decision whether you want to keep using it.

What is a Custom Tab at Facebook

Before we move to the installation guide, let’s find out what a Custom Tab is and how to use it. Apart from standard tabs like About, Events or Photos you can create tabs to display your custom content and any ready-made apps or plugins (like music player). Such a custom Page tab loads the content from an external server using an iframe. It basically loads the information from a page outside the service ( mp3 tracks in this case). You just create a website with a player and then link it to Facebook via an app that displays the content within a customized tab.

But only Pages that have over 2000  followers have an opportunity to create custom Page tabs. One more important thing is that Page tabs only show in the web interface as at the time they are not supported in mobile view.

How to create a Custom Tab

Over the years the process of setting up this feature has been made somewhat tricky, demanding more tech skills than an average marketer or creator may possess. If you consider it to be calleging, it might be best to ask a developer for help or use any web service for Tab creation. 

Adding Custom Tab via Developer portal

Step 1 – Log in to with your credentials.

Step 2 – Then create a new app (pick website as a platform).

Step 3 – Fill in the Display Name and choose Apps for Pages category. Then click on the Create App ID Button.

Step 4 – Adjust your app settings (Among other things you’ll have to enter a secure URL with “https://” certificate instead of “http://” at the front.).

Step 5 – Add the app to your Facebook Page.

Adding Custom Tab via a Web Service

If you would like a simpler and more smooth way, follow the guide below. These easy steps let you create a custom tab in a faster and more intuitive way. Perform this guide and enjoy your Tab up and running:

  1. Look for a third-party service for making a tab, for instance,
  2. Log into the website with your Facebook account.
  3. Select your business page to work with.
  4. Find the menu with the options available.
  5. Click Tabs, and choose HTML Tab.
  6. Paste your content or enter plugin’s code there.
  7. Save settings and you are done!

How to Embed Audio Player to Facebook Tab

I have already told you what are the options for adding music to your social Page and one of them is using a third party player app. I personally believe that opting for a premade customizable player plugin together with a service for tab creation is the best possible way. They require minimum programming skills, save your time and budget as you don’t have to hire a developer. Even a marketer can do it. Just вon’t be afraid to explore modern technologies.

Embedding a playlist into a Facebook Tab is very simple and even inexperienced users can handle it. Look through the final guide below.

  1. Use Online Demo to create your own music player plugin you would like to integrate. Consider the design and functionality that would suit you the best. Also, upload some audio tracks to verify its operation.
  2. Register at Elfsight to get access to your admin panel and copy player installation code there.
  3. Enter a Facebook Developer account or a service for Tab creation.
  4. Add HTML Tab and paste there the installation code you’ve copied.
  5. Save the changes and visit your Page to test the result. 

In case you face any issues during player installation, the support team specialists can help you with it free of charge. This is one more nice thing about the service. 


Ultimately, using a player or other plugins together with Facebook custom tabs would help you greatly enhance customers’ online experience. This can give you the opportunities absent in the social network service, like with adding audio records to your Page. This would be beneficial for musicians and other audio content creators. You are free to add a tab with playlists so your audience can listen to the music or audio lectures right on your page on one of the most popular social networks in the world. Just imagine how it would increase your reach and personal brand awareness.