How to embed Player widget on Facebook Page website

Online Audio Player widget is one of the finest tools to have your visitors excited by your website and its content. Employing a player with an inspiring playlist will grant value to your Facebook Page content and will develop it into a more alluring for your users. And if you’ve selected to upgrade your Facebook Page website with some audio option, you are welcome to put to use this guide given below to get ot done. And now let’s move on and see what is a audio plugin, find out which way you can embed it to your Facebook Page website and what difficulties may occur when you decide to do it. 

What is Player widget 

Elfsight Music Player is an uncomplicated option for websites enabling audience and owners to playback different music files on any page of your Facebook Page website. The tool offers a much variety of different options, for instance, you are not limited in terms of the number of music files to attach to the plugin, there are lots of audio formats for you – from mp3 to DASH. And there’s a possibility to build a playlist as required by your needs. 

These are the most interesting features of the music player for you to examine: 

  • There’s an option to make your own color theme for the online music player. 
  • An autoplay option is there for you to assist you with turning on so at to your Facebook Page website audience could start listening to your playlist right away as they come to your page. 
  • A background image could be embedded to your audio widget to blend it with your site’s style. 
  • Each audio file (mp3 included) can be uploaded by URL or directly from your device. 
  • If you are limited in time or really can’t build a player tool that will be a good fit for your website in terms of style, you are welcome to apply one of professionally designed templates. 

On this page you will see the widget’s elements at great length, in case you need it. And now we can go ahead to finding out what positives and negatives a player widget can bring to your site. 

Player widget on Facebook Page: benefits and downsides

Certainly, when you start considering embedding the Music Player to your Facebook Page website, there is no escaping some important moments. An Online music widget can deliver both positive and negative qualities to your website, so we recommend you to have a look at the information below before adding it to some of your website pages. 

These are benefits you can enjoy from a music player on your Facebook Page site: 

  • Music tool sets the mood on your website. Whether you’re the owner of lifestyle blog, sportive site or an online portfolio, a music widget can be a useful improvement to it. 
  • Audio player widget can level up the engagement of your audience. The same way as the music in the games served as an attractive interaction for the game players and stood in as yet one way to captivate them, the well-built playlist can do the same on your Facebook Page website. 
  • A cool playlist can assist you transfer your idea more clearly. You are welcome to make the music player work as a means of presenting not only music, but also podcasts that correlate with the topic your site is devoted to. 
  • You can make money off your music. In case a player widget offers some marketing features, you can even make use of it to make money off your music. All that needs to be done here is to add the player on the pages of your Facebook Page website to start making money off your music. 

Nonetheless, notwithstanding all the positive aspects, the online audio player on your website can still be gasped skeptically by your visitors for many reasons. Let’s see why you have to be careful with implementing it on your Facebook Page website pages: 

  • Misapplication of the audio player widget can be disturbing. Generally users browse sites while listening to music with headphones on. Thus, the music starting to play the moment when they open your site can annoy people and they will leave right away. 
  • Not all browsers support media content. Thus, your flawlessly thought-out playlist can simply not be seen by part of your audience, and your awesome idea of embedding music to the website will fall flat. 
  • Some websites don’t really need an audio player. You may be thinkingmight consider| that having backgroud music on your website will complement it impeccably, but your audience may have quite an opposite opinion on this topic. So, use this function with very great care. 

Now that you understand all the positives and negatives that an audio tool can can bring to your site, you can make an intellegent decision about installing it. Keep in mind that in spite of the omnipresent dominance of online audio streaming services, the music widget on your Facebook Page site is still not for everybody. But if you do decide to add it, let’s move on to the installation guidelines. 

Adding the Music Player to Facebook Page website

There are numerous ways to add the online audio widget with mp3 and other audio file types to your Facebook Page site. First of all, it can be done through the use of the widget. And if you find this way suiting for you, you can choose Elfsight Online Music Player. Here are the benefits it offers your Facebook Page website:

  1. You won’t have to to code yourself in order to build your Music Player. 
  2. A vast number of ready templates will suggest you useful concepts for your audio widget. 
  3. You’ll have a chance to form the player without any assistance, without a need to look for a skilled developer and being in anxiety about the widget’s decent functioning. 
  4. The widget can be assessed immediately in a live demo. 

And now it’s time to find out how you can embed the Audio Player widget on your Facebook Page website. 

Use the Music widget

So, if you’ve decided to apply an online Music wdget by Elfsight to get the Audio Player on your Facebook page we’ve got a guide for you right here. These are the steps you are to follow in order to embed the Music Player app through the use of Facebook Page admin panel: 

  1. First thing you need to do is to employ the Elfsight free demo or the Elfsight apps and start building your custom-made widget. 
  2. Select and tailor the preferable look and features of your Audio widget and apply the corrections. 
  3.  Copy your personal of the music widget code revealed in the special form on Elfsight Apps. 
  4. As soon as the setting up of your personal widget is finished, copy the individual code at the appearing window and keep it for later need. 
  5.  Start using the audio tool on your Facebook Page website. </b><br> 
  6. Done! The embedding of the online music tool to your Facebook Page is over.

To see the work of the audio widget in action, visit your Facebook Page. Also, keep in mind that sometimes, the possibility to embed HTML code to the website might be absent. On this occasion, you are welcome to apply GTM. 

How to add Online Player to website with GTM

There are quite few CMS or site building tools that forbid adding custom HTML in order to implement some widgets, audio as well. In the occasion that you are not confident of your coding skills, there’s a tool known as Google Tag Manager or GTM that can help you to add the Music Player to your site without any effort. All you have to do to start demonstrating the Music Player on your website is to form a tag for your site and attach dynamic content. 

And here are the steps you have to follow if you want to embed Music Player to your website through the use of GTM: 

  • Log in or sign up to your Google Tag Manager account. 
  • Create a new tag, select ‘Custom HTML’. 
  • Put the first line of the Online Audio player widget’s installation code to the created tag. 
  • Add a trigger and the tag to your Facebook Page website. 
  • Save your tag and publish the changes. 
  • Done! The Online Player will soon be available to your website’s audience. 

That’s it! Now you see how to use GTM in order to get your website empowered with a Music Player. 


Sure thing, your online audio feature will look great on your Facebook Page website. Using all the given options provided by the awesome Elfsight team, you’ll be able to create a player that will enhance your site in terms of style and functionality. But you shouldn’t forget about some additional actions you need to take if you want the new feature on your Facebook Page website to get noticed.

If you have social media accounts, as almost every business these days does, you should definitely inform your subscribers about new features on your website. This can be a small announcement or series of posts – it’s up to you to decide how you will promote your website’s new enhancement. It’s a very important step as it helps you gently inform your audience about quite a controversial feature that may not be liked by everyone.

But at the end of the day, what you definitely don’t have to worry about is that the new audio widget is working properly. Choosing a widget by Elfsight, you can be sure that it will work perfectly on all devices – from smartphone to desktop and will definitely not affect the work of your site in a negative way. So create your new widget and don’t forget to share it on social media!