Best Music Player for Shopify to Receive Maximum Benefits

I love Shopify for its simplicity of use and abundant functionality. Anyone can create an ecommerce or creative website in this builder, and get it up and running in just several hours! Musicians, bands, music stores, collectors, and creators do not have to worry about programming. However, wishing to unleash your inspiration and share your unique music, you might need a special instrument – an online Music Player for a website.

There are tons of them on the Internet, they all offer versatile layouts and make your mp3 works stand out. What you need is an instrument with exquisite functionality and a simple visual dashboard. I know which one you can try, and its name is Elfsight Audio Player!

The best Audio Player for Shopify

Elfsight is a trusted producer of website apps for no-coders. You can easily strengthen your Shopify site by placing an unconventional Elfsight player there for free. You’ll be able to create it in a small breeze without any need to program. From an opportunity to upload audio files in all popular formats to numerous sample templates, this music player misses nothing.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose in favour of Elfsight Music Player:

  • MP3, MP4, ogv, webm, HLS (m3u8), DASH (mpd) audio formats supported
  • By entering a URL, music from the most popular platforms: SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vista, Amazon, and Google Drive – may be loaded
  • All of the features of a regular player, such as autoplay, player information, player controls, and the ability to mix and repeat compositions
  • Pre-made templates that you may put into play immediately
  • Unconventional color scheme that may be altered according to your preferences
  • Floating and embeddable layouts for you to use and shine online!

You can explore all the other numerous features on this page. You’ll be surprised how easily you can mix and match the sections to find the best structure for your player!

After you’ve chosen the best music solution for your Shopify e-store, it’s high time to add it to the website. This, incidentally, is extremely easy if you are using a ready-made Elfsight Music app. Below, you’ll find all the methods of doing it, from embedding it on a specific web page to using GTM. All of the methods are free, and your player will appear on a website in minutes!

How to add the Music Player to Shopify

You can first of all embed the player on a single page, and make it a part and parcel of a web page content, and you can secondly add it to all pages and make it floating. We’ll go through both ways and also try to add the app with a third-party tool called GTM.

Add a floating Player to all pages

Here’s one of the easiest ways to accomplish installation. Don’t be afraid when you see some pieces of code. I’ll go through all the stages pretty thoroughly.

  1. Choose and customize a floating variant of the Audio widget, add mp3 audio files to it.
  2. Save it in Elfsight Apps and copy the code.
  3. Go to the Shopify Admin panel.
  4. Move on to the ‘Online Store’ section and select ‘Actions’. 
  5. Select ‘Edit Code’ in the drop-down menu. 
  6. Go to the “theme.liquid” file.
  7. Paste the widget’s installation code after the “Body” tag. 
  8. Save the changes.

That’s it! Your player will be up and running on all pages after these few simple steps.

Embed a Music Player on a single page or on separate ones

In most of the Shopify templates it is possible to place custom code to the page. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose an embeddable template for your future Audio Player and customize it in Elfsight Apps.
  2. Log into the Shopify Admin Panel.
  3. Go to the ‘Online Store’ section.
  4. Press ‘Customize’. 
  5. Click ‘Add Section’ in the left-hand menu.
  6. Click ‘Add’ in ‘Custom Content’. 
  7. Remove the pre-installed sections. 
  8. Click ‘Add Content’ and select ‘Custom HTML’. 
  9. Paste the player widget’s installation code to the ‘HTML’ field. 
  10.  Save the changes.

Bingo! Repeat the process for all pages where you need the app to appear, and you’ll be good.

With the help of GTM, add a player to Shopify

GTM (Google Tag Manager) is a unique tool that allows anybody to add plugins even if the website builder doesn’t permit custom code.

In a nutshell, you write an HTML tag in GTM, place that tag and a trigger on a Shopify page, and your app begins to operate. In further depth, here’s how you should go about it:

  1. Create a player in Elfsight Apps and fill it with mp3 audio files.
  2. Go to your Google Tag Manager account and sign in (or create one).
  3. Choose ‘Custom HTML’ to create a new HTML tag.
  4. The first line of the installation code should be copied and pasted into the newly formed tag.

Bonus: 8 helpful hints for your Player

Whoa! I have something special for you… And it’s about how to upgrade the performance of your website with the help of a free Player widget. The thing is that you can boost conversion, strengthen engagement and elevate positions of your Shopify website in SERP – everything by means of a single player. Here are the most amazing handy tips with which you’ll make your mp3 music content the center of attention.

  1. Make it responsive

The player should work on both high-resolution desktops and mobile devices. On a variety of gadgets, music players should be both useful and visually appealing. Your users and search engines will appreciate mobile responsiveness, since they favor websites that provide a positive user experience.

  1. Add several compositions to the playlist

According to studies, one of the benefits of high Web speed is the amount of time spent on a website. This is exactly what you need if your users are your biggest admirers and spend a lot of time listening to your works of art! Your website will rise in the SERPs as a result, attracting even more listeners. But don’t go crazy; too many compositions in the playlist will scare folks away, and they won’t click on the player at all.

  1. Distribute educational and handy materials

Answer the most often asked questions, or just publish recordings of your interviews or podcasts on mp3 cassettes. Any of these content types in the widget will be beneficial to both you and your visitors. It’s another fantastic means of communication and info presentation.

  1. Create a dark mode player

A Shopify website can have two different modes: light and dark. It will be greatly enhanced with the use of a black music player. The dark theme for this player reduces the quantity of light while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for reading.

  1. Keep things simple

Don’t cram too much capability into your music player, especially if it’s small and compact. Users will be intimidated by too many controls, and they will not utilize the player in the way you want. It’s also possible that they won’t click on it at all.

  1. Strategically follow your color scheme

Each color has its own psychological meaning. There are several tones and tints that can be treated differently in addition to your trademark colors. If your music is vigorous and passionate, for example, you can choose yellow or orange as a Shopify player’s accent color. Blue will work best if your compositions are peaceful and relaxing. To be sustainable and create a visual hierarchy on your website, use colors deliberately.

  1. Use visual signals to direct attention

In the backdrop of your music player, place a photo. Add an image of a gorgeous untouched landscape or a person performing yoga to get viewers’ attention. An appealing background image will not only draw viewers’ attention to the player widget, but it will also enhance the general style of your website. With this simple element, the player will undoubtedly become an integral part of your site; simply modify it as you like!

  1. Keep your content page minimalistic and uncluttered

Concentrate on presenting the music with the help of a player, spotlight it on a web page. To do it, you’ll need to add only several details to the page with music content, only the most essential information. Don’t place any other dynamic instruments, for users to enjoy your amazing works in mp3.

Great job!

After completing these easy steps and keeping the best strategies in mind, you’ll create the best Shopify site related to music. Website visitors will not only enjoy your amazing arts, but will also admire an attractive music player. Add music widget to your website without coding, and never worry about technical issues – leave them all to Shopify and Elfsight.