How to add and use Music Player on Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the world’s most popular and well-known website builders that is there to assist users in creating websites for different purposes. Those who choose to switch to Squarespace in order to create their first (or not) website don’t need knowledge of coding whatsoever. Working with Squarespace only requires a little time, and after that you will be able to create a website for almost any purpose – from ecommerce one with a well thought-out checkout page, to a personal portfolio featuring all your works and showing them at their best.

Of course, soon after creating your Squarespace-powered website you might face a situation where you need to enhance its functionality with some additional tools. And for those who work with music it might be a need to add an audio player. There are lots of ways for you to do it, but among the easiest ones is choosing a music widget. In most cases, audio widgets are simple to embed to Squarespace websites, they offer a broad array of features – from an opportunity to create an awesome playlist to an option to choose between different audio formats. 

There are lots of audio player widgets out there on the web, but we recommend you to pay attention to the Elfsight Audio Player. The player is easy to use, it does not require any additional skills to embed it to your Squarespace website, and it can be used for free. Let’s discuss it in more detail and see how you can embed the player to your Squarespace website.

Elfsight Online Audio widget for Squarespace

Elfsight Online Music Player is a simple widget for websites helping visitors and site owners to have various audio tracks on any page of the Squarespace website. The plugin has a wide variety of options, for example, you are not restrained when it comes to the number of music tracks to attach to the widget, there are tons of audio formats for you – from mp3 to DASH. There’s also a possibility to form a playlist in line with your taste. 

Below are the most peculiar functional traits of the audio widget for you to consider: 

  • There’s an option to make your color scheme for the online audio player. 
  • An autoplay option is there for you to assist you with turning on so that your Squarespace site users would start listening to your playlist just as they come to your page. 
  • A background picture could be embedded to your audio feature to match it with your site’s design. 
  • Audio tracks can be added by URL or directly from your device. 
  • In case you are limited in time or really can’t create a player widget that will fit your site in terms of style, you are welcome to use one of professionally designed templates. 

And there are so much more for you to choose from as you can tailor the online music player so that it could be blended with your Squarespace website design swiftly. Also, clicking here will get you to know the online music player widget’s features at great length, in case you need it. And now we can move on to finding out what pros and cons a player plugin can deliver your site. 

How to add online music player to Squarespace website

Before you proceed to the player installation guide, note that users of Free Squarespace plan can’t add HTML codes to their websites. This means that the code injection feature is only available for Business and Commerce plans.

You have numerous options to add the Music Player plugin to the Squarespace website. For instance, you can apply a video instruction with an installation process given closely. Or simply follow these steps:

  • First thing you’ll need to get in order to add the audio player with an awesome playlist to your Squarespace website – the widget’s installation code.
  • Log in to your Elfsight account cnd click on the name of the app you need to install on the Applications tab.
  • Select Add to website option next to the name of the widget you need to embed to your Squarespace website. A popup window will be shown where you’ll see the installation code of your Online Music player widget. 
  • Next, log in to your Squarespace website and select the site where you’d like to add the music widget to.
  • Click Edit, select the place where you want to demonstrate your audio widget, and then click on the Plus icon in the center of the page to call up the editor.
  • Locate the Code element within the Basic section and click it.
  • Paste the installation code of the audio widget you’ve copied before into the Code field and then click anywhere outside the window to close it.
  • Click Save in the left upper corner of your website to apply the changes and enjoy your awesome audio playlist with mp3 audio files on your Squarespace site.

If there’s a need to add an online audio player to some particular page of your website, without showing it on all pages, you should follow this guide to get it done:

  • Go to your Squarespace admin panel and log in. Choose the website where you’d like to add the online music widget.
  • Click on the Pages section in the left side menu.
  • Select the page you’d like to add the widget to and find the Gear icon. Click it.
  • Click on the Advanced tab, paste the installation code of the online player widget, and click Save to apply changes to your Squarespace website.
  • That’s it! The player widget has been successfully added to your Squarespace website.

And in case you need some other way to bring your audience your playlist and mp3 tracks, you can use the Google Tag Manager to get the audio widget to your Squarespace website.

How to add Music Player widget to Squarespace with GTM

There are really few CMS or website building tools that prohibit embedding custom HTML in order to integrate some widgets. In case you are not very certain of your coding skills, there’s a tool known as Google Tag Manager or GTM that can help you to add the Online Audio Player to your site without any effort. All you have to do to start displaying the Online Audio Player on your site is to make a tag for your website and add some dynamic content. 

These are the steps you need to follow if you need to embed Online Audio Player to your website applying GTM: 

  • Log in or sign up to your Google Tag Manager account
  • Create a new tag, select ‘Custom HTML’
  • Put the first line of the Elfsight installation code to the created tag
  • Add a trigger and the tag to the web page
  • Save your tag and publish the changes

That’s it! Now you know how to use GTM in order to have your website enhanced with an Online Audio widget. 


Of course, your online audio widget will look admirably on your Squarespace website. By using all the given options granted by the stunning Elfsight team, you’ll manage to form a player that will boost your site in terms of style and functionality. But you shouldn’t forget about some extra actions you have to take if you need the new feature on your Squarespace website to get spotted. 

Supposing you have a social media account, as practically every online business these days does, you must definitely notify your subscribers on the new options on your website. This can be a small announcement or series of posts – it’s up to you to decide which way you will push your website’s new functionality. It’s a very significant step as it is there to help you gently inform your audience on quite a controversial feature which may not be admired by everyone. 

Last of all, what you surely don’t have to worry about is that your new audio widget is performing properly. Selecting a widget by Elfsight, you may rest assured that it will function perfectly on all devices – from smartphone to tablet and will surely not influence the correct work of your site in a slightest way. So make your new widget and don’t forget to distribute it on social media!