How To Add Audio Player To Squarespace

Giving your users an opportunity to listen to audio files of various content via an online player might be beneficial for engaging your visitors, as well as developing your audience and broadening your brand awareness. Nowadays, the options for integrating a web player on your Squarespace site are really numerous! Let’s dive deeper into the concept.

What Is A Player For Squarespace Website

Audio player represents a separate section or a floating feature on a site and looks and operates pretty much the same as any other desktop or online streaming software. The only difference is that it’s working right on your webpage!

Some site builders might provide an integrated HTML5 audio player, but these apps require a certain degree of coding and web development knowledge. Moreover, this integrated player is rather limited in its functions and is not available on Squarespace for free. That’s why I don’t really like using it on any serious projects and won’t dwell on this option here.

The other opportunity is to take a look at multiple third party solutions available at the B2C SaaS market today. And what I am eager to tell you about, is one of such player plugins, which I consider to be the best really. I’ve done my own research and found a perfect player from Elfsight that you can create and add to your web-page free of charge. It has a wide functionality and supports all the most popular audio file formats: mp3, mp4, ogv, webm, HLS (m3u8), DASH (mpd). If you try it, get it to your webpage, and decide to keep it, a monthly fee is also reasonable. Especially if your web page has not that much traffic so far. You can check the full functionality and try a demo of one of the cool Squarespace apps by following this link.

Why did I choose it? Here is the list of its unique features:

  1. First and really one of the most important things for online business owners is that it requires literally no special skill to create your unique player and embed its installation code on your website. Moreover, if you happen to face any difficulties with setting it up to your Squarespace web page, the technical support specialists can do it for you free of charge. Also, you don’t even have to register at the service to get access to Live Demo! You can check it on the link I’ve provided above.
  2. You can construct your player yourself and completely free! All the player parts are switchable and you can remove everything you don’t need to make it minimalistic if you like. Or create a developed section with one or several playlists.
  3. The other point to mention is that its appearance is super customizable and you can make it look like an original part of your website design. 
  4. You can place it anywhere: bring the apps to all or selected pages, and make it floating or embed in just one click. 

And all of this can be done in a matter of seconds of playing around with a free intuitive editor online. Can you imagine that?

How To Use a Player: Benefits And Mistakes

Above I’ve described a really great third-party plugin for Squarespace sites, and there are also many benefits it can give you.

Share your genuine content 

If you’re an artist or content creator It’s an absolute must nowadays to be present online. And of course,  you should give your fans and other visitors an opportunity to listen to your music not only on social media or streaming services, but also right on your website, too. By embedding any of available audio player apps with the records you’ve created would highly uplevel your personal brand and make it really stand out. 

Engage audience

Audio content is becoming increasingly popular lately since it’s easy to perceive, it serves as a way to relax or educate yourself, and it also can be listened to while driving or cleaning etc. That’s why a web player is one of the most efficient ways to keep your  website visitors engaged in various playlists for as long as possible and make them return sooner and more often.

Create atmosphere

Audio files on your Squarespace page mustn’t necessarily represent some original content or have any special message or purpose. They may just reflect and complement the whole atmosphere of your website. You are free to upload  some neutral, relaxing, or lively music or various sounds’ records and make your online player look rather minimalist to correspond with the audio content.

But I think many of you would agree that everything should be used wisely. It also applies to developing websites and using such niche features on your Squarespace page. Since music apps have to be applied carefully, when it is used the wrong way, it may annoy your visitors, rather than engage them. So pay attention to the main don’ts when deciding whether and how you should implement an online audio player. I’ve singled out the ones I consider to be the most crucial:

Misusing Autoplay Option

I’m sure the following happened to almost everyone – you search for something on the Internet, open a link, and as the page loads the music starts playing and all of a sudden, but you can’t see no evident player apps and there’s no option to turn it off! How annoying is that from 1 to 10? Sometimes you might even want to leave the page at once just because you have no control on that audio. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you that using autoplay will increase your website bounce rate. That’s not, when it’s used wisely. Always keep in mind who your target audience is, how people react to what they hear, and always give them control of what’s going on in their browser tab.

Wrong Positioning

It’s better to think of a player positioning while designing your Squarespace website, not after it has been fully developed. But in case you already have a page template and are planning to include a player there, don’t let such apps interfere with page content or user experience. If you have a lot of tracks to be integrated, it might be a good idea to create a separate audio section with one or several playlists for easier navigation. If you are looking for something less obtrusive, choose a floating player layout. But again, it shouldn’t block or overlap other site elements.

Low Relevance

Not every website needs any player apps as a main or complementary feature. If your target audience is not interested in it and people don’t interact with the player, even getting it for free may become just a waste of time and energy. Make sure to carefully analyze your niche, target audience, and player efficiency.

Do I Need an Audio Player?

Although embedding an online player on your webpage is a pretty niche feature and definitely not everyone needs it. But still many website owners and Squarespace users can benefit a lot from having it installed.


If you are a professional or amateur musician, don’t hesitate to bring your art out to the web and social media! Nowadays it’s super easy to create a website using Squarespace predefined templates and place there a player with your full discography and fresh releases. Such playlists will not only help you raise your recognition on the Internet but will also help you make money off your audio tracks.


If you’re an expert in some field and want to share your knowledge with as many people as possible, then creating a unique information product in the form of audio lectures is a great way to achieve it in the modern technology oriented world. You are free to create your own educational platform and add a player with materials, and playlists divided into themes or lessons.

Topical sites

One of the greatest advantages the Internet brought to our lives is an easy way to find like-minded people and create communities of supporters. This gave a real boost for various online forums and websites with free user generated content around the web. Just imagine creating a kind of social media platform on Squarespace with no effort and developing a perfect place to share playlists with music of a certain genre, non-fiction audio files, books and lectures on a topic that is super popular or is evolving fast today.

Niche services

This category includes everything from lifestyle and mindfulness to personal blogs, yoga, and art gallery sites. On all of such sites music has to be chosen carefully in order to attract and captivate their audiences. Here, music player apps are intended to establish a free and special atmosphere and engage visitors even more into the service and the content it provides.

How To Embed Audio Player To Squarespace

As I have already mentioned above, there are several options for creating an online player with playlists at Squarespace apps, but most of them require programming knowledge. I suppose nowadays it’s not productive and wise to take a long path of hiring a developer or looking for a freelancer who would do it for you. In the modern world of opportunities it’s easy to find a painless option where everything has already been done for your convenience. You just have to be progressive and use the technologies offered.

How can you install the widget to Squarespace yourself? It’s really easy and anyone can handle it. The first step is obviously to create a Squarespace account and pick a website template or create it from scratch.

If you want to create a separate player section:

  1. Play around with a free Live demo to get the player widget you would like to integrate. Don’t forget to upload some mp3 files there to test the performance later.
  2. You’ll have to sign up to the service to get your unique installation code.
  3. Log into your Squarespace account and choose the website for installing the plugin.
  4. Enter the Edit mode and then click on the Plus icon in the place you would like to place a player. 
  5. Find the HTML element in the Squarespace editor and paste the player installation code there. 

OR Go to the Settings -> Advances -> Code Injection and paste the code into the box there, if you want to add a floating player to all pages of your website.

Note that due to the Squarespace rules users with a free plan cannot insert any HTML elements to their websites. It means that the Code Injection feature is available only on Business and Commerce plans.