Elfsight Audio player for website

Elfsight Audio Player is an uncomplicated widget giving you an opportunity to stream audio tracks on the pages of your site. The widget is highly adjustable: you are free to change its placement, settling it anywhere on the page, scale its size, recolor the background and all other elements to blend it with your website’s design, apply dark theme, reveal covers and demonstrate or conceal three other player parts like progress bar and others. Include as many tracks as you wish to engage your visitors, turn the autoplay option on and have no doubt – your users won’t leave your site in a hurry!

It’s the optimum solution for those users who look for a simple yet effective music player for their website. And now we’re going to review it’s functional traits in more detail and see the most interesting use cases it can offer.

Why you need to choose the music player widget by Elfsight

There are tons of amazing features for you to choose from for your music player. You can tailor the widget to make it an inseparable part of your website. Let’s see them all.

Add any audio content type

The Player can help you create a playlist for any content type on your website. For instance, you are free to distribute your favorite or the freshest audio releases. There’s also an option to make an audio library with some podcast episodes or audioshows. And in case you have some educational project the audio player can help you present some lectures or articles. You are also welcome to add to your online music player content from SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vista, Amazon, Google Drive and many more. Keep in mind that audio files can be uploaded by URL or directly from your device.

Create a playlist your audience will not skip

An uncomplicated online music player by Elfsight is one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. There can be an unlimited number of music tracks in your playlist, and each audio file can be looped, as well as you can add a shuffle option to your playlist. Below we’ll see all the important details that will make your player unmissable for your audience.

The music player details you can add or hide

You are free to build a standard player that will display to your visitors the information about the audio file author, the name of the track and the image. These details can be hooded in case you don’t want them in your player, leaving only the audio control icons. The playlist is switchable as well, which means it’s up to you to decide whether you want to demonstrate which music track will be next. Also, you can add a special button to the player that will give your audience to hide the playlist.

Functional traits

The audio tracks within you player can not only go one by one, but they can also be looped and shuffled by your visitors. These options are free for you to add. Also, you can turn the autoplay feature, and the music will start playing just as a website visitor lands on your website. But be careful with this one as not all users will like it as it may conflict with the music they can already be listening to with their headphones.

Make use of marketing options the player widget offers

In case you produce and spread the audio content yourself, the music widget can also help you at this point. The player’s marketing options will help you broaden your website music player operability. To be more precise, you are free to allow your website audience to download any of your audio files first-hand from your website. And if you’re planning to sell the audio content you produce, you can add a customizable button that will redirect users to the platform they can use to buy different music albums. This button can be styled in accordance with the platform logo so that users could understand where you’re planning to redirect them to. This will also help you build trust among your audience while making profit off your music.

Styling options to make your player stand out

An audio widget can complement your site not only in terms of audio, but also visually, because for this we have prepared a variety of functions for you to choose from. See for yourself:

  • You are free to add different music player widget elements. Each widget and playlist as well can be customized with four switchable elements. You can demonstrate or conceal the image, the title of your music widget, the author info of and the progress bar. It’s you who is to decide whether your player will look minimalistic or eye-catching.
  • Multiple coloring options. Select a background color if the audio widget that will match your website perfectly. And in order to make the widget more noticeable on your website’s page, change the accent color. 
  • Choose between dark or light theme. You can create a trendy-looking player using the dark theme that will be definitely appreciated by your site’s audience. But if you still prefer a classic styling, there’s always a classic light theme available.
  • Custom color scheme. In case you don’t want to choose one of two two themes for your audio widget, we’ve granted you the possibility to construct your tailor-made one. Simply choose the background color or photo and recolor all the player’s details. 

As you see, it’s really simple to create a music player widget that will be highly appreciated by your audience and also won’t affect your website design. And if you’re worried about the player’s installation to the HTML code of your site, don’t be as it’s really easy to integrate. You can embed the player widget to almost any platform allowing you to add the HTML code, which means that it is suitable for all popular CMS and site builders.

Bonus: the most interesting player widget use cases

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your online audio player widget, below we’re offering you some interesting use cases. See how you can use the music player on your website.

Present audio books

The player is there to help you create an impressive library right on the pages of your website. You can allow your audience to listen to the stories they are interested in or demonstrate only extracts of books, motivating them to buy the whole product. There’s an opportunity to firm collections of books on a specific topic . You can also play a series of stories – the music player is there to help you.

Distribute and share new music

The most common use case, for sure. Use the widget to present a new album, track, podcast or an audiobook. You can form a selection of your favorite tracks and share them with users, announce new songs, and so much more. Make the player reflect your website’s vibe.

Promote different audio shows

The Music widget is also there for you to present different audioshows! Grant your visitors with an engaging series of episodes that will grab their attention right away. And of course after listening to some interesting episodes your users will be eager to come back for more.

Use the player as an educational source

With an online audio widget, your website will turn into a valuable educational source for your visitors. You can easily upload educational articles and books to the player presenting them the most convenient way as not all users have time to read them during the day. Make the audio format your most powerful weapon.